Recent OOTDS (a cheaty post).

I've been slacking on my outfit write-ups recently. I haven't made any new OOTDs during the Easter break, but they will be right back around Sunday 27th. (Around…). So instead of posting four outfit-related posts before then, I thought I would sum them all up in one. Efficient.

I went to Verona.

Easter holidays, more often than not, means the annual family trip abroad. This year it was to fair Verona, and it was very, very fair. Here are a few snaps and chats. Enjoy!

Now we have short hair.

#shorthairdon'tcare! #bobhairdon'tcare! I know they're hashtags, but a strange force forbids me from omitting the apostrophe. Yes, of course I used an Instagram filter, but my hair looks so blonde that I don't even feel guilty. ;)

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